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The Association was formed in 1994 following a meeting of the New South Wales wine regions  The meeting agreed there was a need to form a peak lobby group to act as the conduit between industry and the New South Wales Government, and to represent New South Wales at the Federal level through the Winemakers Federation of Australia Inc. Members agree there is a need for the NSW wine industry to speak with one voice on grape growing and winemaking issues. The Association’s membership was initially based on regions, and claims to be the most representative of all the State wine industry bodies.

The Association’s motto is “to make New South Wales the Premier Wine State”.

The Association has various standing and ad hoc working committees including:

  • Research & Development
  • Wine Tourism and Promotion
  • Water and Resources
  • Education & Training
  • Licensing

Management Structure

  • The membership of the Association comprises the nominees of regional Associations as well as individual wineries and grape growers.
  • The Executive consists of 11 members comprising four nominated annually from the regions, four elected by the corporate members, one member from the Wine Grapes Marketing Board and the President and Vice-President who are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

The term of the President is two years.

The regional nominations are appointed from the following regional groupings:

  • Hunter Valley (1)
  • Riverina (1)
  • Cowra/Orange/Mudgee (1)
  • Canberra District, Shoalhaven Coast, Hilltops and the rest of New South Wales (1)

Winery/Grower Membership

Winery/grower members pay a membership fee based on size.  Voting at Association meetings is“one person, one vote”, while for the election of Executive representatives the individual members have up to five votes depending on size.  The Association has adopted the following membership fees and voting rights:

Enterprise size


Processor feesWinery*  $ Producer feesGrowers*  $ Votes for the election of Executive
0-250 231 116 1
250-500 462 231 2
500- 1000 924 462 3
1000-5000 1386 693 4
5000 plus 3465 1,733 5

* Inc GST
Individual members get a direct link to industry communication and intelligence and receive quicker advice than those who choose to rely on their regional Association.  Members also receive discounts on credit insurance through National Credit Insurance Brokers which in many cases exceed the membership costs.

Regional Membership

Regional Associations continue their current financial contributions.  These contributions vary from $20,000 to $1,000 depending on the size of the region.


For further information on becoming a member or a copy of the Constitution, please contact us....

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