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Things you should know about NSW wine


  • The first vines in Australia were planted at Sydney Cove [now the
    site of Intercontinental Sydney]
  • NSW is home to Australia’s oldest continuous wine region (Hunter
    Valley), and one of the newest (New England), which was only declared an
    official wine region in January 2008.
  • Australia’s two most popular wine varieties – Chardonnay and Shiraz,
    both had their start in NSW. Shiraz was first planted by John Macarthur on
    his vineyard in Camden in 1833; and Chardonnay was first made by Mudgee
    pioneer Alf Kurtz in 1862.
  • Family businesses dominate the NSW wine industry, accounting for
    more than 75% of the total crush (only 33% of the national wine crush is
    from family businesses).
  • NSW is Australia’s second largest wine producing state, accounting
    for 32% of Australia’s $5 billion wine industry.
  • NSW is home to two of Australia’s icon varieties namely, Semillon
    from the Hunter Valley and Botrytis Semillon from the Riverina.
  • NSW is home to 7 of Australia's Top 20 Wine Exporters: Casella,
    McGuigan, De Bortoli, Nugan Estate, McWilliams, Warburn Estate, and Berton.
  • NSW is home to 8 of Australia’s Top 20 wine producers by vineyard
    area: McGuigan, Warburn, McWilliams, De Bortoli, Nugan Estate, Cumulus.
    Robert Oatley and Gooree Park
  • There are 14 official wine regions solely in NSW: Canberra District,
    Cowra, Gundagai, Hastings River, Hilltops, Hunter Valley, Mudgee, New
    England, Orange, Perricoota, Riverina, Shoalhaven Coast, Southern
    Highlands, Tumbarumba.
  • NSW is home to 5 of Australia’s 20 oldest wine companies and/or
    continuously operating wine brands: Wyndham Estate 1828; Lindemans 1843;
    Drayton’s Family Wines 1853; Mudgee Wines 1856 and Tyrrell’s 1858.
  • In 1983 NSW had 76 wine producers, today is has 484+ wine producers.
  • NSW is home to over 329 cellar doors.