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Regional Hero ~ Botrytis Semillon

The Riverina – with Griffith at its heart – is situated in south western New South Wales and is the largest producing wine region in NSW. However, it is a special wine made in small scale production that has made the region world-famous: Botrytis Semillon.

riverina/elevator-wgrapes.jpgThe McWilliam family pioneered the region, establishing their Hanwood vineyard in 1912. But it was waves of European migrants after the first and second world wars that gave the Riverina – and its wine industry – a cultural identity not replicated anywhere else in Australia. Their descendants, all third or fourth generation family businesses, are the wineries driving the new face of Riverina premium winemaking and account for a significant proportion of Australia’s export success winning accolades and recognition around the world, in particular, for their dessert wines.

Botrytis Semillon – made in the style of great Sauterne - was first  commercialised by Darren De Bortoli in 1982 with the Australian icon wine Noble One. Today the region boasts over 20 different Botrytis Semillon wines, each luscious and unique to their winery. In the last four years the Riverina has been proactive in promoting Riverina Botrytis Semillon to the world with the development of the International Sweet Wine Challenge held annually as part of the Riverina Wine Show attracting entries from around the world.

Local wineries are driving the region forward, focusing on premium wine-making and developing other unique varieties such as Durif whilst remaining firmly focused on establishing the Riverina’s reputation as one of the world’s best dessert wine regions.

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