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NSW Wine Regions

The 14 wine regions of New South Wales represent a diversity of climate and terroir unequaled in any other Australian state.

From Australia’s oldest continuous wine region – the famous Hunter Valley – to exciting new cool climate regions such as Orange, the Southern Highlands and Tumbarumba, the regions of New South Wales produce wines to appeal to every palate.

Regional heroes

Every wine region in New South Wales has its own story. Integral to these stories are the wines that excel in these unique pockets of land throughout the state. These wines are known as “Regional Heroes”.

  Tumbarumba Southern Highlands Shoalhaven Coast Perricoota Orange New England Mudgee Gundagai Hunter Valley Hastings River Hilltops Riverina Cowra Canberra District They are:

1. Canberra District ~ Shiraz
2. Cowra ~ Chardonnay
3. Gundagai ~ Shiraz 
4. Hastings River ~ Verdelho 
5. Hilltops ~ Cabernet Sauvignon
6. Hunter Valley ~ Semillon 
7. Mudgee ~ Cabernet Sauvignon 
8. New England ~ Riesling 
9. Orange ~ Sauvignon Blanc 
10. Perricoota ~ Shiraz 
11. Riverina ~ Botrytis Semillon
12. Shoalhaven Coast ~ Chambourcin
13. Southern Highlands ~ Pinot Noir 
14. Tumbarumba ~ Chardonnay